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You're not too old to write!

March 7, 2017

They say that there is a book in everyone? Well I was 60 years old before I found my first one: 

9/11:- Official Complicity by Michael Rowland. The day before 9/11, I was made redundant, and feeling sorry for myself, yet after watching the horrible images on the TV of the Twin Towers collapsing in their own footprint and then being aware that thousands of innocent lives had been killed, it put my life in prospective.  Over the next few months I realised that something wasn't stacking up, so I set about researching what actually happened, and after I saw the Michael Moore documentary, showing President Bush sitting in a classroom for 7 minutes after being told America was under attack, I knew then that 9/11 was an inside job. Since the revised edition was published in 2010 there is more damning information pointing the finger at Bush and his senior advisors, and that was when I decided to write the novel, and which to my pride, Dr David Ray Griffin (one of the world's leading exponents on 9/11, and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) has endorsed the novel. 


Once the novel was published, I was hooked into writing. But as you will soon see, I started to write children's novels, under the pen name of Daniel M Warloch (anagram of Michael Rowland).


Leap Year by Daniel M Warloch

Christmas Presence by Daniel M Warloch

The Key To Survival by Daniel M Warloch (a Jake Hollywood adventure).


Holly KissKiss adventures:-

Rudolph's Little Helper

"A Little Bird Told Me..."?

"Are You Sitting Comfortably...?"

The Show Must Go On

Puppy Dog's Tale

Holly Jolly Holiday

Color My World



"Are You Sitting Comfortably?" 


I have part two and three of the Leap Year series in manuscript form and the second part of the Jake Hollywood series in manuscript form.


The children's novels are written for children with learning difficulties and on the Autistic spectrum.


Why, do you ask?


Apart from writing, and retired may I add, I also work part-time with the Autistic Society working with people, young and old.


It was when I was working with the children on the spectrum, I came to realise that there were few books available for these special children, so I decided to do something about it. 








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It was a typical cold December evening in 1968 when six friends and I were seated around a beer-stained table in a smoke-filled room, trying to decide where to go for our holidays  the following year. All we wanted was to feel the sun on our backs, hot sand between our toes, friendly foreign girls, and the crazy nightlife we'd only read and heard about from family and friends. After a lively debate, we decided to embark on a heroic journey to Morocco the following year. So why not join our once-in-a-lifetime holiday during the summer of '69, and find out what we got up to ...

Best of Summer Reading 2019

I am proud to announce that "Morocco or bust August '69 by Michael Rowland" has been chosen as one of the Top Ten Best of Summer Reading 2019 by award winning journalist and author - Fran Briggs


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Praise for Award Winning Author - Daniel M Warloch's children's novels and short stories...
All novels and short stories have 5 Star reviews
(Daniel M Warloch is an anagram of Michael Rowland).
The Key To Survival
 (A Jake Hollywood adventure)
"Mixing fact with fiction, Daniel M Warloch has written a fast paced, exciting and at times frightening story about what it was like to be on Titanic the moment the iceberg struck. Our hero Jake Hollywood is studying Titanic for a school test, yet never imagines that he'll end up revising for it in the flesh! It gripped me from the start and as the first instalment in a new mystery series it was spot on leaving me looking forward to Jake's next adventure! Well written and very enjoyable, I highly recommend it!"
Be Scared...Be Very Scared...
"What a read. Started to read to my grandchildren and they wouldn't let me put it down. A MUST for all children from 8 to 80.
Buy it and tell your friends."
 "A Little Bird Told Me..."
"OMG! I finished reading this amazing short story just a couple of minutes ago. If you have young children, this is a "must read to them." It's a ten minute read at most, but you'll have the kids in the palm of your hands. DMW truly is an amazing story teller... a little bird told me so."
"Are You Sitting Comfortably..."?
"This is another of those great little books mums can read to the youngsters at bedtime. You can break it up into small chunks. The kids will love Holly Kisskiss and her friends. They just don't write, or publish, books like this anymore. Well done DMW."
Christmas Presence
"Daniel M Warloch has done it once again with another magical, engrossing story.

"The story is told from the point of view of a very frightened Barnaby Tinker Tailor (I love that name!) who is clearly trapped in a strange and frightening place.
Barnaby talks directly to the reader, imploring them not to put the book down. He is just out of sight but can be clearly heard. He obviously needs to tell his story, but has to be careful not to get caught ... He frequently has to stop to check he is safe - as a result the reader is looking and listening with him!
I was instantly hooked. I needed to know who he was hiding from and why! I was on the edge of my seat and even jumped when he said he had heard a noise! By the end of the first chapter, I genuinely cared about this lonely,
frightened little boy. I had to hear his story!"
The Show Must Go On

“If you have young children this book is a must. Holly KissKiss saves the day again. I read the first book in this adorable series, A Little Bird Told Me, it was terrific. This one is just as good. DMW has an imagination that knows no bounds. The circus is canceled. Holly doesn't want the children of the village to be disappointed so she decides to put on a circus herself. She organizes the woodland and farm animals and, well I won't spoil things for you but you just gotta read about the mice.... These short stories would make wonderful Disney Pixar movies. But for us mortals they are ideal for reading to little ones at bed time. At $2 and change it's a gift. Treat yourself, and the kids. You'll love Holly KissKiss.” Blair Howard – best selling author of the Harry Starke novels.

"In the eyes of a child, the world is an enchanting place, and that is the reason I didn't grow up."


"I'm proud to announce that 9/11: Official Complicity, Rudolph's Little Helper, The Key to Survival and Leap Year were voted Best of Summer, Autumn and Winter Best Reads 2017 by award winning author and journalist

Fran Briggs, and The Key to Survival was also voted Summer Best Reads 2018 by Fran Briggs."


I am proud to announce that SPOOCTACULAR has been awarded The Autumn Best Reads 2018 by the award winning author and journalist - Fran Briggs

Rudolph's Little Helper

"A lovely little story. They don't write them like this anymore.Well, not so much. If you have small children you need to get this one for them. DMW seems to have mastered the technique of writing stories that not only will entrance the little ones, but for parents to enjoy too. I love his stories. You will too."

A Puppy Dog's Tale

"On a scale of one to ten, this author rates a big fat 10. Yes, he writes for children, little children, but these books, and this one in particular have a charm about them that I thought had gone with the last century. A Puppy Dog's Tale is no exception. I give it 5 stars; I'd give it more if I could."

Holly Jolly Holiday

"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Holly... Holly KissKiss, I mean. DMW has a wonderful imagination. His stories are... beautiful. If you have small children, this one is a must read to them, and it has a rather special message to deliver too. Go on. Grab a copy. You'll love it."

Color My World

"Another winning story from Daniel M Warloch. Holly wants to make children's lives better by helping the town's autistic children. Making people happy can be so rewarding!"


"Yet another great Holly KissKiss book. I would love to see these in hard copy. The artwork and stories are just fantastic!"


A Heart of Gold

"Yet another wonderful read. Holly is a treasure. If you have kids, you have to give them a try. They will love these stories, I promise."

The Snowflake Trial

"I love this author and my daughter really enjoyed this book. She enjoyed meeting all the characters. Am sure this will be a nightly favourite. we both loved following the snowflake trail."

Sticks and Stones

"This Holly KissKiss short story is all about one of the great problems for kids around the world today: bullying, and who better to take it on than Holly? Once again, DMW has used his delightful little hero to increase awareness. He does it so well. Great little tale. An easy five stars for me.  I love that Holly.."

Tricky People

This thoughtful story is a perfect way to teach children about strangers and good decision-making. Once again Holly comes up with an idea to keep children, young and old from being in danger.

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