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Award winning author 

Michael Rowland

(aka Daniel M Warloch )

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I am proud to announce that Morocco or bust August '69 has been voted in First place in the TCK Readers Choice 

Awards 2020 in the Memoirs Category.

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Also the cover for "Morocco or bust August '69" was the winner of the TopShelf Cover awards 2019 and the book has been nominated in the TopShelf Indie Book Awards 2020


“A man of many talents telling stories for the young, and in the years to come those children will tell their offspring’s about Holly KissKiss, and her friends and the adventures they had. All Daniel’s books will one day become modern day classics that will stand the test of time.”

"Pure magic , Daniel must have magic in his fingers and pixie dust floating around his head for when he creates a child’s story, for only a person who believes in magic could create such wonderful stories in such detail that a child would be mesmerised by listening to them at bedtime, and in doing so enter a beautiful and fascinating world of make believe."

Children's novels and short stories by Daniel M Warloch available on Amazon UK, USA and Australia to name just a few ...

Little Davey Series

Achieving Your Goal

Living The Dream

Practice Makes Perfect

Overcoming the Odds

Children's novels ...
The Jake Hollywood Trilogy: -
The Key to Survival
We Are Not Alone
Three Shots Rang Out in Dallas
The Leap Year Trilogy: -
Leap Year
Leap in The Dark
Leap of Faith
* * *
Christmas Presence
* * *
Children's short stories...
Rudolph's Little Helper
A Little Bird Told Me
The Show Must Go On
A Puppy Dog's Tale
A Holly Jolly Holiday
Color My World
A Heart of Gold
Sticks and Stones
Tricky People
One Good Turn Deserves Another
Stories Paint Perfect Pictures
Holly Saves Christmas
Holly's Circus Treat
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
The Snowflake Trail

Michael Rowland books available on Amazon

I am delighted to announce that 9/11: Official Complicity, 9/11: Blank Canvas, Morocco or bust August '69 and The Key to Survival have been nominated in the TopShelf Indie Book Awards 2021


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