LEAP YEAR - Be Scared...Be Very Scared...

Jordan, James and Thomas Waldron are three brothers who explore an old abandoned hall, only to find themselves trapped in time! When the clock strikes midnight on February 28th, the boys discover they've been transported to a Leap Year in the past...

ISBN: 978-1-60976-075-5

The Key To Survival (A Jake Hollywood adventure)


The  story begins when twelve-year-old Jake Hollywood finds an envelope on his way to school one morning. Unexplainably, he feels it is drawing him towards it, and he bends to pick it up.

And then it happens...

9/11: Official Complicity by Michael Rowland


9/11: Official Complicity is written to call attention to the inconsistencies of the American government's response to 9/11, blending a mix of fact and fiction in the of one man's journey into the heart of the controversy over the attacks in America on Sept. 11 2001...

"A Little Bird Told Me..."

Why not join Holly KissKiss as she tries to find a way of stopping a local development company from building a shopping mall in Buttercup Meadow.

"OMG! I finished reading this amazing short story just a couple of minutes ago. If you have young children, this is a "must read to them." It's a ten minute read at most, but you'll have the kids in palm of your hands. DMW truly is an amazing story teller... a little bird told me so."


"Are You Sitting Comfortably...?"

A collection of children's 'wacky' poems for all the family

"This is another of those great little books mums can read to the youngsters at bedtime. You can break it up into small chunks. The kids will love Holly Kisskiss and her friends. They just don't write, or publish, books like this anymore. Well done DMW."


Rudolph's Little Helper

Christmas Presence

ISBN 978-1-908509-03-1

The Show Must Go On

The Circus won't be visiting the village this year, but have no fear, because Holly KissKiss will find a way of putting on a Show.

A Puppy Dog's Tale

Holly always knew that one day she would have to find the owner of her little dog, Fleabag. That day has finally arrived...

Holly Jolly Holiday

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Holly... Holly KissKiss, I mean. DMW has a wonderful imagination. His stories are... beautiful. If you have small children, this one is a must read to them, and it has a rather special message to deliver too. Go on. Grab a copy. You'll love it.

Color My World

"'Color My World' is a beautiful little story that your children will be happy for you to read to them time and again. If you haven’t met Holly KissKiss yet, it’s time you did. Your children too. Great job, Daniel."

"Another nice little Holly KissKiss adventures. Halloween puts the spotlight on those less fortunate than herself, and Holly once again decides to help out.  This kind of stuff is not taught in schools, but it should be. DMW has found a new and delightful way of sharing awareness. Better yet, they are fun and captivating reads. Why not get your children involved? Read them a bedtime story they'll not only love, but might just make a difference, even if it's only a small one."


A Heart of Gold

Holly KissKiss is asked by her head teacher to put on some kind of children's show at school, with the proceeds going to charity. And knowing Holly, she will be putting on more than a show! Just you wait and see...

The Snowflake Trail

"I love this author and my daughter really enjoyed this book. She enjoyed meeting all the characters. Am sure this will be a nightly favourite. we both loved following the snowflake trail."

Sticks and Stones

"I read quite a lot of stories, all genres and for "all ages", and Daniel Warloch's stories are always winners! Holly is a great role model, and the stories are always those that stay with you for a long time. Parents you won't be disappointed in getting any of this author's books for your young ones. Reading makes better students and individuals that read are more successful. Bring "reading a book" back into your home, and start with any of these author's books, they are all "winners"

Holly KissKiss is a young, intelligent girl who always comes up with unusual ideas to solve the many problems of those around her. These short stories are geared to teaching children kindness and helpfulness along with good moral and ethical values.

The Little Davey series ...

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