Hi, my real name is Michael Rowland and I love writing children's short stories and novels.

I worked in the printing industry for 50 years working with 'Blue Chip' clients such as British Telecom, Avon Cosmetics and British Gas, to name just a few.

I live in the Wirral close to Liverpool with my wife of over 40 years, June. I have two grown up sons and two grandsons.

I write my children's work under the pen name of Daniel M Warloch, because as you will see from the list of books, I wrote -9/11: Official Complicity, and I didn't want to associate a serious novel with children's, and that is the reason I use a pen name.

Apart from writing children's novels and short stories, I am a Service Provider for Autisim Together, working part-time with people, young and old on the Spectrum.

e-mail address: -michaelrowland1949@outlook.com
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