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You're not too old to write!

They say that there is a book in everyone? Well I was 60 years old before I found my first one:

9/11:- Official Complicity by Michael Rowland. The day before 9/11, I was made redundant, and feeling sorry for myself, yet after watching the horrible images on the TV of the Twin Towers collapsing in their own footprint and then being aware that thousands of innocent lives had been killed, it put my life in prospective. Over the next few months I realised that something wasn't stacking up, so I set about researching what actually happened, and after I saw the Michael Moore documentary, showing President Bush sitting in a classroom for 7 minutes after being told America was under attack, I knew then that 9/11 was an inside job. Since the revised edition was published in 2010 there is more damning information pointing the finger at Bush and his senior advisors, and that was when I decided to write the novel, and which to my pride, Dr David Ray Griffin (one of the world's leading exponents on 9/11, and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize) has endorsed the novel.

Once the novel was published, I was hooked into writing. But as you will soon see, I started to write children's novels, under the pen name of Daniel M Warloch (anagram of Michael Rowland).

Leap Year by Daniel M Warloch

Christmas Presence by Daniel M Warloch

The Key To Survival by Daniel M Warloch (a Jake Hollywood adventure).

Holly KissKiss adventures:-

Rudolph's Little Helper

"A Little Bird Told Me..."?

"Are You Sitting Comfortably...?"

The Show Must Go On

Puppy Dog's Tale

Holly Jolly Holiday

Color My World



"Are You Sitting Comfortably?"

I have part two and three of the Leap Year series in manuscript form and the second part of the Jake Hollywood series in manuscript form.

The children's novels are written for children with learning difficulties and on the Autistic spectrum.

Why, do you ask?

Apart from writing, and retired may I add, I also work part-time with the Autistic Society working with people, young and old.

It was when I was working with the children on the spectrum, I came to realise that there were few books available for these special children, so I decided to do something about it.

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